Book Launch Press Release

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For Immediate Release

New book from Vancouver based CPA aims to empower youth with personal finance knowledge that he believes should be included in high school curriculum.

“A Fighting Chance: The High School Finance Education Everyone Deserves” is a 10-chapter comprehensive personal finance book created to give young people graduating high school the finance knowledge they need before their first paycheque.

Vancouver, British Columbia – January 30, 2021 – Doug Allan, CPA, CA is a Vancouver based financial professional with over ten years of experience in the finance sector. A parent of two, Doug is concerned that high school curriculums are woefully under equipped to set up young people for financial success as they enter the work world. Doug set off to write what he believes to be the set of knowledge that everyone needs before their first paycheque such that good financial decisions can be made early on.

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The book is available to purchasers on Amazon in Canada, USA, Australia and the United Kingdom as a paperback or Kindle eBook. The paperback retails in Canada for $17.92, with the Kindle version at $9.99.

Amazon Canada Site

Amazon USA Site

Amazon Australia Site

Amazon UK Site

Smashwords Site

To learn more about A Fighting Chance, including the book, the blog and social media channels, visit, or email the author at


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