Inflation continues to ramp up. What to do?

Advertisements I’ve been discussing the pending inflation for going on two years now. Governments have printed trillions of dollars and injected them into their economies. At the same time, economic growth hasn’t kept pace. The result? More dollars chasing the same (or fewer) goods and services. Basics of economics tell us that when demand exceeds …

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Doing the math on an EV vehicle. When does it make sense?

Advertisements Electric vehicles have a lot of advantages. They result in no gas stops, they have incredible torque making for a fun driving experience, and they are better for the environment. These factors may make buying an electric vehicle worth it, regardless of whether the financial equation pencils or not. Of course, as a CPA, …

Doing the math on an EV vehicle. When does it make sense? Read More »

How to negotiate a higher salary and level up wealth creation

Too many young people complain that they don’t earn enough money to build wealth. One way to remedy this is to earn more money! But how does one convince a manager that they are worthy of a higher salary? What are the actions one can take to prove their worth? What biases exist which can be leveraged? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this article about career earnings growth.

Book Launch Press Release

A Fighting Chance: The High School Finance Education Everyone Deserves has launched on Amazon. This is the book you wish you were given in high school to set you up to succeed. This book makes a perfect gift to the teenagers in your life. Or, buy for yourself to brush up on your financial literacy.

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