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The blog section is designed to provide written articles which shine a light on financial topics which everyday people may find to be cloudy or abstract. If there is a question you have about your finances which you just can’t seem to find the answer to, send me an email at or leave a comment below. I’d love to create content which responds to specific questions readers have!

Recent Blog Posts

Inflation continues to ramp up. What to do?

I’ve been discussing the pending inflation for going on two years now. Governments have printed trillions of dollars and injected them into their economies. At the same time, economic growth hasn’t kept pace. The result? More dollars chasing the same (or fewer) goods and services. Basics of economics tell us that when demand exceeds supply,…

Predictions for 2022

2022 is really uncertain. What will happen in financial markets next year? Here’s my take.

Doing the math on an EV vehicle. When does it make sense?

Electric vehicles have a lot of advantages. They result in no gas stops, they have incredible torque making for a fun driving experience, and they are better for the environment. These factors may make buying an electric vehicle worth it, regardless of whether the financial equation pencils or not. Of course, as a CPA, the…

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4 responses to “Blog”


    My dad taught me one very important financial lesson: use other people’s money. He then told me about credit cards, $.0 loans, and variable mortgage rates vs. fixed. This is a great site!


    1. Thanks Dwight! I appreciate it. Still in its infancy, I hope to provide a lot of great content for young investors to prosper over the long run. I am also a fan of OPM (“other people’s money”).


  2. I think this site is great and I know its in its early stages. I really think your book should be mandatory reading in schools. Kids are going to college and getting preyed on by credit card companies not understanding basic cost of borrowing concepts. The car dealerships are doing the similar things. They keep stretching out amortization and selling over priced inferior creditor insurance products. I worked with guys on the railway who could move out of their parents house because of a few new vehicles they kept rolling over early. These guys made really good money at the railway. I also found a lot of people are not very good with money and these lessons get passed down on to their kids. Its very hard to get someone to unlearn what their parents taught them. We live in a world where we gotta spend our whole pay cheque because its burning a hole in our pockets. Then we cry when an emergency arises, They use GoFundMe. Companies and Governments are taking away the great pensions they once had. Younger people need to save more, learn more about investing and money more then ever.


    1. Thanks Will! I really appreciate the support. Financial education is a serious topic that deserves more content that costs nothing to readers. I hope I can help make a dent in the gap of knowledge that is out there now and set a few more people up for success.


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