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Why a book?

The original basis of A Fighting Chance Finance was a book. The almost non-existent curriculum within high schools today around financial education is a clear gap in knowledge that people need to succeed in life. Our founder, Doug Allan, saw this gap in education and decided to write a book as “the textbook that everyone SHOULD get in high school”.

The book exists to fill a gap in high school curriculums around the world related to personal finance and wealth creation. The lessons in this book, if diligently applied from the time readers are teenagers, will result in exponentially more wealth over their lives than had they learned this information decades into the future.

Book Highlights

  • Less than 200 pages
  • Easy to read, conversational tone
  • Written for beginners
  • Key Takeaways at the end of each chapter
  • Practical examples throughout
  • Glossary to demystify seemingly complex topics
  • Will leave readers energized about their financial future
  • Both Canadian and American specific tax strategies overviewed, but all topics discussed such that they are applicable internationally.

The book is available at the below Online retailers!     

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Time is the ally of the young when it comes to investing


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